Introducing RSA Skimmer Technologies

An environmental cleanup company sets its eye on the burgeoning marine pollution industry, including the remediation of lakes and ponds as well as aquaculture and algae harvesting. These include promising applications in the paper and plastics industry accomplishing waste particle management for better system functionality.

Simple, Stand-Alone Operation

The RSA Skimmer Extractor System consists of a self-contained stainless steel free-floating box with full perimeter weir skimmers. The onboard powered pump connects to land or vessel via a long discharge hose.


Because the System is self contained and portable it can be deployed up to 300 feet away from shore or vessel with a controllable level of discharge. Its industrial design makes it a more powerful and faster material remover than any portable system on the market today.

Multiple Industry Uses

In any number of water contaminated or aquaculture conditions, from oceans to lakes to ponds as well as industrial settling containment lagoons. The Skimmer Extractor emerges as the preferred and faster method to achieve productive, clean and clear water environments.

RSA Resin Skimmer -still


RSA Skimmer Extractor -still


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