About Our company

RSA has been a design engineering and fabrication firm for over thirty years. Headed by Chief Inventor, Rick Adler RSA has developed flood control wall systems with the Army Corps of Engineers as well as Marsh Management and Irrigation Gates with the State of Louisiana and the USDA.

Turning it’s attention to the 2010 Gulf Oil Spill, RSA has invented a new aquatic skimmer extractor system that approaches the problem of oil spills from a different angle: the first self-contained free-floating environmental cleanup device of its kind that can be deployed away from shore and vessels. Amid increasing awareness of the costs of oil spills and marine pollution this system is now also attracting the attention of other marine pollution industries such as for the clean up of algae in lakes and ponds and the harvesting of various floating elements in the agriculture industry.

RSA is well-positioned to move into these markets while simultaneously developing additional usages for the new RSA Skimmer Extractor System.

A Message from the RSA's CEO

"It's always an exciting thing to come up with an idea that has found its time. RSA expects to be deploying the Skimmer in all sorts of new and profound ways. Every industry dealing with various types of marine pollutants or products needs to avail itself of the power and simplicity of the Skimmer Extractor.

We look forward to hearing from you."
Rick Adler


August 25, 2012

RSA tests a new Resin Skimmer in a propylene pool. The RSA Skimmer/Extractor has proven its competence in gathering polypropylene waste products from the wastewater of this plastics production stream. One more application available for the RSA Skimmer Extractor System. See the test video here.

September 3, 2010

Pollution Equipment News highlights the RSA Skimmer Extractor on its website. The publication informs professionals in the water, air, and hazardous waste industries.

August 16, 2010

The Riverside Press-Enterprise carries an article showcasing Rick Adler’s new company RSA Skimmer Technologies and the many applications the new system may be geared up for.

August 12, 2010

Rick Adler exchanges ideas with Professor Marcia Murray, Ph.D. of Cal Poly Pomona Science Department regarding the potential applications of the RSA Skimmer Extractor System.

Professor Murray suggests the Skimmer may have a larger industry potential “I have seen your videos of the RSA Skimmer. It seems it may have use in harvesting microalgae in a pond situation. We have just started some small-scale (40 gal) ponds up at the Lyle Center to grow select oil-rich strains of algae. Our biggest problem is harvesting… this goes for the industry in general. There are ways to get microalgae to flocculate and rise to the surface. Do you think your system could separate them from the water? From the sawdust test, this seems quite probable.

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